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Developing positive lives by improving overall health and wellness.

About F+E

We meet you where you are to guide you to where you want to be.

Today’s world is full of distractions, high expectations, and endless tasks. We are geared to meet you where you are and work cohesively to create a program to guide you to where you want to be.

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Happiness starts within.

Leading a healthy, happy, and productive life starts with you. Health and wellness coaching provided by Focus Evolution will help you identify areas of opportunity to establish better habits that will carry over to numerous areas in your life.

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Redefining the status quo. 



My team and I are ready to help you cultivate your healthy lifestyle and positive mindset. Coaching sessions are virtual to accommodate your busy schedule.

Our coaches are educated, experienced, and trusted professionals with the expertise to help you lead a healthy and positive life – no matter what life throws your way.

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What We Do

  • Connect on a personal level
  • Embrace each individual journey with personalized coaching
  • Help discover why the individual is ready to focus on their evolution
  • Create a program to focus on how to cultivate individual goal achievements
  • Support every step of the journey to discover the power to accomplish greatness

We Do Not

  • Promote our own agenda
  • Abandon a journey
  • Engage in generic coaching
  • Ignore the why
  • Suggest fad diets and wellness plans
  • Create one-size fits all solutions
  • Expect results overnight
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Coaching Results

Unsure if you can manage time to focus on personal development? 


* Goal alignment
* Integrate behavioral solutions
* Capitalize on change
* A No nonsense approach


* Reclaim time
* Process driven
* Better nutrition habits
* Consistent physical activity


* Provide overall clarity
* Navigate obstacles
* Leverage relationships
* Integrate priorities
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Get moving toward improved health, happiness, and productivity.

Focus + Evolution | C/O PT Fitness, 2900 Race St, Fort Worth, TX 76111